21st December 2017

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

27th October 2017

VC: a world of luck and methodology

by Vittorio Mauri, Partner at U-Start

2nd August 2017


U-Start Team carried out an exclusive interview with Massimo Ambanelli, CEO at Hi-food.

1st August 2017

Lessons of the past, limits of the present and opportunities for the future: The...

by U-Start Team

25th July 2017

The Italian VC ecosystem: lost in an inch of water

By Gregorio Marini Clarelli

4th July 2017

Direct-to-Consumer Revolution: The Italian Job

By Daniel Kratkovski, Analyst at U-Start

6th June 2017

The amazing growth of digital native vertical brands

18th May 2017

Pizza, Pasta, Lasagna and...Technology?

Italy and the Foodtech opportunity, by Eugenio Niccolini, Analyst at U-Start

3rd May 2017

The Venture Capitalists perspective: the role of Market Place Lending in tomorro...

20th April 2017

Venture Capital will save us from Anacyclosis

By Andrea Colombo, Founding Partner at U-Start

20th March 2017

The perfect investor

by Vittorio Mauri, partner at U-Start

16th March 2017

U-Start has a new home in Milan!

28th February 2017


U-Start Team carried out an exclusive interview with Daniele Pini, CFO&COO at Pinko.

16th February 2017

David and Goliath: it is all about the (right) metrics.

Some thoughts regarding the European and American VC’s landscape. by Daniele Testa, Chief Analyst at U-Start

12th January 2017

Su chi vale la pena investire

STRATEGIE / VENTURE CAPITAL. Sale l'attenzione del capitale privato verso aziende ad alto potenziale

22nd December 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

20th December 2016

Fishing in the right pond

by Stefano Guidotti, CEO U-Start

22nd July 2016

Interview with Guillaume Lautour and Thibaud Morin, co- founders of Level-Up

U-Start Team conducts a double interview to Guillaume Lautour and Thibaud Morin, both founders of Level Up.

23rd June 2016

Canada: economic tailwind boosting the VC ecosystem

1st June 2016

Sharing Economy: disrupting the modes of consumption

31st March 2016

TOK.tv secures $5M Series A round

Today we announce the closing of a $5 million Series A round of financing, with investors including Angel Lab, Techstars, Social Starts, XG Ventures, U-Start Club (Opea and Anya Ca...

22nd March 2016

Travel Tech: Massive Market at a Tipping Point

16th February 2016

Venture Capital: in Italia manca una filiera del capitale strutturata ed effici...

L'allocazione tipica al venture capital da parte di family office e UHNWI va dal 5% al 10% del patrimonio totale, fino al 15% in alcuni casi. In Italia in pochi casi si raggiunge i...

21st January 2016

Interview with Florian Heinemann, Co-founder and Managing Director at Project A

The U-Start Team carried out an exclusive interview with Florian Heinemann, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Project A Ventures since 2012. Dr. Heinemann is responsible for perf...